Links Great listing of local and reoccurring jam sessions, shows, festivals, and music.
Liberty Highway Jim Downs and friends out of Kearney, Missouri. Acoustic Bluegrass and Gospel.
Knobtown Skiffle Band They are influenced by a variety of genres including blues, ragtime, hokum, bluegrass, old timey, and jug band music. One thing is for sure: their music would fit in nicely in the 1920s and 1930s.
Bluegrass Missourians Long time, well established bluegrass group out of Belton, Missouri
ChamberMusic Bluegrass by ChamberMusic. Not your traditional sound; this is Kansas City bluegrass or KC classical with Dominic, Sophie and John. You’ll find us at our local bluegrass venues in Kansas City, Silver Dollar City, and Branson.
Bluegrass Brigade Long time established bluegrass band playing acoustic bluegrass, traditional, and contemporary music with occasional hints of old country and folk.
Adam Galblum Professional violinist/fiddle player Adam Galblum has recently moved to Kansas City from Denver. Covers all types of folk, bluegrass, and jazz venues. Recently released a new album: Down to the Wire.

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