The very first Bluegrass Festival we had ever attended was held in 1988 by Bill and Anna Jean Blackburn, in Liberty, Mo. Soon after that Bill called and wanted a group of us to meet him at the Antioch Community Center. he said he was thinking of renting the center for Bluegrass Jams. We all agreed with him, he rented the center himself, and at first, a lot of the time the donations did not cover the rent. Bill himself would pay the balance, and not say anything.

Bill and Anna Jean ran the jams all by their selves, for a while, and then, I think in about 1990, they called everyone that was interested in forming a club to a meeting at the center. Bill was the first president, and Anna Jean was Secretary. I Thelma, was the first treasurer. Soon after Deryle Cline became president. Henry Jensen was the first Vice President, and Vern Henley, was second Vice President. the club started a newsletter in 1992, Angie Cline was the first editor, I left as treasure November of 1997.

Current Officers:

  • President: Mary Eddings
  • Vice President: Jim Downs
  • Treasurer: Mary Clark
  • Secretary/Membership: Barbara Hardin
  • Assistant Membership: Janet Loveall
  • Newsletter: Sandi McClary

Current Board Members:

  • Jean Bartee
  • Byron Jones
  • Ron Mason
  • Lola McCloud
  • Billy Sprouse
  • Louise Wood
  • Suzanne Falke

Past Board Members:

  • Vern and Carroll Hensley
  • Glen and Wilma
  • Angie Baird
  • Bud and Thelma Cluck
  • Charlie Hardin
  • Rick and Mary Eddings
  • Henry Jansen
  • John Melito
  • Jim Boling

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