Music Theory for Bluegrass and Folk Players

Music Theory for Bluegrass and Folk Players
Saturday, January 21st 2017 4-6pm

Bradford & Franzke Fret Shop
4448 Belleview Kansas City, MO 64111
Fret Shop Website

Hey everybody just wanted to put out there another workshop I’m doing… It’s about the theory and understanding of scales, chords, and the basic things we need to know to navigate music jams. Things like why is it always G, C, and D or C, F, and G chords will be covered in ways palatable to beginners/intermediates – as well as other things. What does a capo really do? What does it even mean to be in a “key”? So pass it along if you would please – only 10 bucks at the door. Only 20-25 seats available so call the store to register. Thanks!

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