New Violinist in Town – Adam Galblum

I’m proud to introduce a new musician-violinist in town, Adam Galblum. Moved here after having spent a decade in Denver covering all types of bluegrass. The greater Denver area offers five times the amount of bluegrass venues and sessions as Kansas City, so you know Adam has covered and performed all types of folk, bluegrass, and jazz. After talking with Adam I think he is enjoying the Jazz scene Kansas City has to offer. I know he will be at HABOT this year too.

Adam Galblum

Adam Galblum Home

Adam has recently released a brand new album: Down to the Wire (which I’m listening too right now!). Awesome! A stringband tribute to the music of John Mayer; A fantastic mix of fiddle, dobro, and mandolin.

Of course the album is for sale: Down to the Wire available on Adam’s Website. Or available at the iTunes store.

Down To The Wire

$15 Album Purchase (iTunes download is only $9.90)

I have had the pleasure of playing a few gigs with Adam, and he is one of the best! If you have a venue to include a professional violinist/fiddle player, give Adam a shout. He has a contact page on his website. I know he has a busy calendar!

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