Send a Birthday Card Please!

Hey Folks –

Carl Ferguson’s daughter asked if we would send him a birthday card. She said he would be 90 years old on November 3rd. He said he does not want a party, just cards from people. He is the elderly man who sits in the front row with his 2 daughters, always comes early and stays until the last word is spoken. Don’t know if some of you remember his sister, Fanny Robbins, who came here from Arizona, in a camper, alone, to the Lathrop Bluegrass festival a few years ago. She was 84 years old, a very brave old sole. She passed away 2 months ago.

Address is below.

This would be a very special surprise for Carl on behalf of all our HABOT family.
Please include HABOT in your birthday card so Carl knows how he is being celebrated!

HABOT friends and family.

Mail your birthday card to:

Carl Ferguson
13343 Parallel Parkway
Kansas City, KS. 66019