Updated: 02.27.2015
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HABOT (Heart of America Bluegrass and Old-Time music) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of bluegrass and old-time acoustic music. The club meets every 3rd friday during the months of October through April. HABOT takes time off in the summer so our members and friends can attend the many great bluegrass shows and festivals around Kansas City, and central United States.

Please leave a comment in the reply section below, or go to our Contact page with any questions, comments, or just to say you stopped by!

3 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Hello, I am a fiddler player who just moved back to KC from Denver last month. I have a gig at a private party but I don’t know any guitar flatpickers in the area yet. It’s a short duo gig with me on fiddle and I can pay the guitarist $200. Looking for a competent picker who knows tunes and is professional. Gig is Saturday March 21. Please reach me at 303-842-1242. Thanks, Adam Galblum

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